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The 453rd Bombardment Group Museum

This museum is one of the few that exists on a still active aerodrome. Old Buckenham was home to the 453rd US Bomber group, part of the 8th Airforce in the second world war. It’s claim to fame was that Jimmy Stewart and Walter Matthau both were stationed there at different parts of the war.

The curator Jim Cleary is one of the most knowledgable people in the UK on the 8th Airforce and it was he who suggested we told the story of the Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourne who were based just outside of Royston, Hertfordshire. Sadly, their museum has gone now, but Jim still keeps their memories alive but showing some of their artefacts in his brilliant museum.

The fact that on summers days you can still see vintage aircraft fly in and out of Old Buckenham Airfield is a real treat and for this reason alone it should be on your priority list for a lovely aviation day out.  It’s also worth mentioning that every year in late July the Aerodrome also hosts a fantastic airshow with vintage aircraft flying in as well as modern fighter jets such as the Red Arrows flying past.  Check out their website here https://www.oldbuckenhamairshow.com/ for more details and we will see you there!

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