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The latest season of Amazing War Stories is now live. Using the latest 3D audio technology we tell inspiring true stories each taken from the museums we support

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Our Company motto

Honour, Preserve, Support. These three words encapsulates everything that Amazing War Stories is about. Honouring sometimes little known Military Veterans by telling their stories, Preserving their deeds for future generations and Supporting Military Museums, Veteran Charities and other legitimate military causes here and around the world.

Why are we doing this?

Military Museums in the UK, and around the world, are in trouble. Visitor numbers are falling. Museums are closing. If we don’t act, your nations great military heritage will be lost in the sands of time.  When a museum closes, its contents often get sold to private buyers. Sadly, those items, part of our national story, then get hidden away from the public’s eyes forever.

Why is this happening? Several reasons, but one is some military museums, mostly run by volunteers, do not have either the funds, resources or sometimes the expertise to create meaningful media campaigns to publicise themselves. That’s where we think we can make a difference.

The team behind Amazing War Stories believes in the power of media used for the force of good. Thats why everything we do aims to promote military museums and veteran causes, inspire the next generation to support and visit them, and highlight some of the incredible artefacts that these vital institutions hold.

Remember, museums are not only important places of learning, they are places of remembrance too and they must not be allowed to fail.

So please, give us your support, tell other people about our mission, find and visit a museum local to you, and if you can, please donate to our cause so we can continue to make content that helps save our history.

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