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Halesworth Airfield Memorial Museum

This little museum is where this whole project began! The curator, Richie Pymar, told Bruce about an extraordinary story of Lancaster Bomber that crashed nearby in a field just outside Halesworth, Suffolk.

This American Airforce museum is the only one in the country to tell this unique story of a British RAF plane and has several artefacts dedicated to the “Legend of Lancaster A for Apple” – including a treasured letter from the pilot himself. What is particularly curious about this story, however, is how these artefacts and this story ended up in Halesworth, as the Lancaster didn’t actually fly from the area.

The museum is actually situated on the site of an old American Airfield and its collection revolves around the 56th Fighter Group and the 489th Bomb Group who were stationed there from 1942-1944. So while 99% of their artefacts are American, there is one part of the exhibit that is decidedly British and is dedicated to Lancaster MG-A JB652 – and that is well worth the visit alone!

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