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The latest season of Amazing War Stories is now live. Using the latest 3D audio technology we tell inspiring true stories each taken from the museums we support

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National Army Museum

The National Museum for the British Army is fantastic show case museum and has to be in your top list of military museums to visit in the UK. Their collections are world class, with over 1 million items spanning over 600 years – but of course not all of this is on display all at once!

A visit never ceases to delight and will appeal to all ages. Particularly moving is how their exhibitions often relay the personal stories of soldiers throughout history, from stories taken from the ranks straight through to big decision makers, the Field Marshalls themselves.

With monthly talks, tours and other experiences there is never a dull moment at the NAM – make sure to sign up to our newsletter to find out the latest or visit their website for more information. Once you step through their doors, it’s easy to get lost in this world of amazing war stories – you have been warned!

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