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The Guards Museum

Tucked away in the imposing Wellington Barracks near Buckingham Palace is a brilliant museum that sometimes get’s over-looked by visitors to London – The Guards Museum. This fascinating historical sanctuary celebrates the history and traditions of the five regiments of Foot Guards – the Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards – that have protected the royal family and the nation since 1660.

As you step into the museum, you are greeted by a striking line-up of towering red-coated soldiers in their distinctive bearskin caps, as if they have just marched in from the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside. This sets the tone for a journey through time that showcases the bravery, skill and sacrifice of the Guardsmen who have served their country with loyalty and pride.

The exhibit houses a remarkable collection of uniforms from different eras, which reflect the changes in military fashion and technology over the centuries, including the Duke of Wellington’s cloak and hat.  One fascinating item on display is an early version of modern body armour worn by a Grenadier Guardsman in the early 18th century, complete with a helmet and breastplate that would have offered some protection against musket balls. Compare that with the comparatively lightweight, bulletproof camouflage gear worn by today’s Guardsmen on operations in hot and dusty environments, and you can appreciate how far military clothing has come.

One of the lesser-known facts that many visitors discover at The Guards Museum is the connection between the Guards and the Tower of London. Did you know that it was the Coldstream Guards who formed the guard of honour at the execution of Charles I in 1649 and the museum has a fascinating collection of artefacts and photographs that illustrate this link, including a silver trumpet played by the Coldstream Guards band during the State Opening of Parliament.

As you can see, The Guards Museum is more than just a showcase of military equipment and battles, it’s a celebration of the traditions and values that make the Foot Guards one of the most respected military units in the world.

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