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Where to find the biggest D-Day 80 events

Adam Coppin, one of our Ambassadors, has just completed a jump over Normandy to help commemorate the D-Day landing 80 years ago. Celebrations and commemorations of this historic moment are being organised all around the world. If you can’t make it to France, we have outlined some of the larger local events in for you to attend in the UK. US and Australian events will be added when we have the information

The UK

There are a couple of really big events in the UK, one on the 5th in Portsmouth with his Majesty the King in attendance and then a National Remembrance Service at the National Arboretum. Both events will be packed with veterans and other dignitaries and will be available to watch on the BBC should you not be able to attend. To find out more please click the button below.

Official D-Day events in the UK


In the United States, several significant events are planned to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2024. Here are some key highlights:

  1. National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia: This site will host a series of events from June 6-9, 2024, including a special ceremony on June 6 with guest speakers, music, and flyovers. Other activities include living history displays, an exhibit of a Higgins Boat, and a photo exhibit titled “Portraits of Heroes and Faces of the Fallen”​ (National D-Day Memorial)​​ (National D-Day Memorial)​​ (National D-Day Memorial)​.
  2. The National WWII Museum in New Orleans: The museum will hold various events on June 6 and 7, including an H-Hour Remembrance Gathering, performances by the 29th Division Band, living history displays, and a D-Day Commemoration Ceremony. Additionally, there will be lectures and a special evening program titled “Expressions of America”​ (National WWII Museum)​.
  3. Washington, D.C.: The city will host a series of exhibitions and events from April to November 2024, exploring and remembering the D-Day landings and the broader context of World War II​


In Australia, several events are planned to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day in 2024. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Australian War Memorial in Canberra: The Australian War Memorial will host commemorative events, including ceremonies and exhibitions that explore Australia’s role in the D-Day landings and the broader context of World War II. These events will honor the bravery and sacrifices of those who participated in the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944​ (DDay Overlord)​.
  2. Tourism Australia Events Calendar: Various cultural and historical events related to D-Day will be held across the country. These events will likely include public ceremonies, exhibitions, and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the significance of D-Day and its impact on world history​ (australia.com)​.

For more details and specific event information, you can visit the Australian War Memorial’s website or check Tourism Australia’s events calendar closer to the date.


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