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The latest season of Amazing War Stories is now live. Using the latest 3D audio technology we tell inspiring true stories each taken from the museums we support

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The Commemorative D-Day Vehicle Guide is here!

We’re absolutely chuffed to bits to announce our first-ever collectable guide: 

“The Amazing War Stories – Vehicles of D-Day.”


This is more than just a magazine; it’s a treasure trove of incredible facts about the biggest and most fearsome machines that both the Allies and Germans unleashed during the D-Day landings 80 years ago. Whether you’re a seasoned historian or a budding enthusiast, this special, one-off guide to military vehicles is an absolute must-have!

Over a hundred pages long, inside, you’ll find a wealth of little-known eyewitness accounts that bring the battlefield to life. We’ve packed it to the brim with fantastic pictures and detailed stats of all the featured vehicles, giving you an in-depth look at the steel beasts that roared across Normandy.

Not only that, we also tell you where you can see some of these magnificent machines both here and abroad.

The ULTIMATE discount for the ULTIMATE Guide!

So don’t miss your chance to own this stunning collectable magazine. Grab your copy now and immerse yourself in the Amazing War Stories – Vehicles of D-Day. It’s available at all good magazine retailers, including WH Smiths and Tesco, for just £9.99. But hurry, they’re flying off the shelves!

And for our friends across the globe, or for those who can’t make it to the shops, fear not! Click the button below to have your copy shipped straight to your door. 

Plus, if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll get an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT of £2 off the cover price. How’s that for a deal?

We hope you enjoy this incredible guide, and remember, with every purchase, you’re helping us to Honour, Preserve, and Support our military community.

Get stuck in and secure your piece of history today!



Buy your copy here!
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