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Which Special Forces Movie is the Greatest of them all?

Last month we caused a ruckus debating Bruce’s top 10 WW2 movies. Now, to celebrate our very first SAS podcast story, The Hitmen of Heraklion, we thought it would be a good idea to run a poll on which film is the best Special Forces Movie. Now, there are LOTS to choose from here and we had to leave many great films off the list – but here we go…

Lone Survivor – This is the American version of the British Bravo Two Zero story. Based on the true story of a team of Seal Team operatives who went behind enemy lines to kill or capture an infamous Taliban commander. The team, unfortunately, get discovered by some civilian goat herders – and from that moment on, nothing goes well. Mark Wahlberg is convincing as a SEAL team operative.

Black Hawk Down – Gladiator director Ridley Scott helms this classic movie about a true incident in Mogadishu, Somalia. In 1993 the US Special Forces went on a raid to capture an enemy warlord. During the mission, one of their Black Hawk helicopters was shot down and from there, everything truly unravels. An all star cast, brilliant true story and totally gripping from beginning to end, this is one of the best war movies ever in our opinion.

Who Dares Wins – The one film that EVERY British boy born in the 1970’s watched. Lewis Collins at his best as an undercover SAS operative who helps foil a siege at the British American Embassy. Fun Fact, Lewis Collins was one of Bruce’s friends and they served together in the Parachute Regiment.

13 Hours – Another true story and this one os told by action maestro director Michael Bay. However, if you’re expecting totally ridiculous, over the top sequences from the Transformer director, think again. Yes, this movie is action packed, but it’s also very faithful to what went on in Libya 2012 when an American Compound containing the American Ambassador is attacked by a group of heavily armed men. Luckily, a team of 6 CIA contractors are on hand to save the day.

Act of Valour – If you want SEAL Team operatives abseiling down from helo’s and firing lots of weapons this is the movie for you. However, what makes this film stand out is that it actually stars active duty Navy SEAL operatives, so although they aren’t the best actors in the world, we do know that everything they do should be technically correct…

The Cockleshell Heroes – We couldn’t not get a Second World War Movie in there. Wear Eagles Dare and The Eagle has Landed were both in last months poll but we had to leave this corker of a movie out. In November 1942, a hand picked detachment of British Royal Marines from Boom Patrol Detachment (RMBPD) carry out a daring raid on the German held port of Bordeaux. Absolutely classic stuff. Someone should make a podcast on it…. hold on….

Predator – So yes this does star Arnold Schwarzenegger and it also has an alien in it – but as action movies go, they don’t come much better than this. Arnie and his spec-ops team are sent into a South American jungle to discover why another special ops team totally disappeared. I think we know what the reason why…

Sicario – This is a great movie about the war against drugs, and although it’s totally fictional, some say it’s not too far away from the truth. Whatever the reality, it’s a great film with lots of SF action ad some very thought provoking sequences on how the war on drugs is being fought.

American Sniper – Another true story of US Navy SEAL team sniper Chris Kyle who racked up 160 confirmed kills, although he believed the actual total was 255. A very powerful film about the harsh reality of being a sniper in war.

6 Days – The true telling of the Iranian embassy siege in 1980 that brought the existence of the SAS into the public domain for the first time. Well crafted movie that shows how much planning went on before the rescue mission was greenlit.

So which movie will you choose? Please hit the button below and vote – we just can’t decide.

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