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Which WW2 Movie is the Greatest of them all? The RESULTS!

Now we know this is going to cause A LOT of arguments here but we have compiled a list of 10 of Bruce’s favourite World War Two movies and then asked you to vote.

Yes, there are over 1,300 movies he could have chosen from – but these were the ones he came up with and below are the results….

So which movie did you choose? The RESULTS:

Saving Private Ryan with a whopping 32.3% of the vote. In second place was A Bridge Too Far 22.7% and coming in third was The Longest Day with 18.8 % of the vote. Last was The Thin Red Line…despite Nick Nolte’s brilliant acting! Below is the final order:

Saving Private Ryan – you didnt really think we weren’t going to include this did you??? Doesn’t really need an explanation. If you haven’t seen it then you shouldn’t really be here….

A Bridge Too Far – A perfectly told story with advisors that were actually there. Lt. Col John Frost was played perfectly by Anthony Hopkins. Incidentally, we tell John Frost’s first mission when he was a mere Major in our podcast The Night Raiders of Normandy

The Longest Day – Filmed entirely in Black and one it had one of the largest ensemble casts of movie stars in cinema history. What also made it so special is that many of those men themselves actually saw combat in the Second World War including British heart throb Richard Todd who helped capture Pegasus Bridge during the Normandy landings. Todd played Major John Howard in the movie in a re-enactment of the assault he was genuinely part of.

Where Eagles Dare – OK..so this is a boys own movie that’s played at every Christmas. But come on…Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of “Broadsword calling Danny Boy…Broadsword calling Dannyboy…”

Fury – This is up there with perhaps the greatest tank movie ever made. Director and writer David Ayer captures just what it’s like to operate in a Sherman tank. Someone should do a podcast on it. ..

The Bridge over the River Kwai – one ofr the purists. Alex Guiness’s finest hour this movie perectly captures the barbarity of Japanese prisoner of war camps.

Inglorius Basterds – if you like Tarantino then you will love this film. One of the most chilling opening sequences in a World War Two movie ever. Christolph Waltz is truly terrifying in his role as a Nazi Jew hunter. Thankfully, he get’s a brilliant comeuppance in the end…

The Eagle Has Landed – Michael Caine plays a German paratrooper with a cockney accent. But if you can get over that, this is another classic adventure based on a real – but actually never enacted – attempt to kill Winston Churchill. Spoiler alert. Winston Churchill doesn’t die. But you knew that right?

Dunkirk – Taking over $$50million in its opening night alone, this Christopher Nolan classic divides WW2 movie purists. We love it – but many hate it. A bit like Marmite.

The Thin Red Line – Another marmite film but with a stellar line up. This time the focus is on the American battles at Guadalcanal. Apparently George Clooney was paid millions to be in it by the studio and had top billing, But the director cut him our save for 30 seconds at the end. Clooney asked for his name to be taken off the billings, but the studio refused saying they needed the worlds biggest star (at the time) to help market the film.

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