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Thompson Submachine Gun

The is one of the most iconic firearms in history – the Thompson Sub Machine Gun. If you’re a fan of war movies or gangster flicks, then you’ve undoubtedly seen this iconic weapon in action. It’s become synonymous with the roaring twenties and the Prohibition era, making it a must-have weapon for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
First things first, you might be wondering why this gun is called a submachine gun. Well, the simple answer is that it’s a type of firearm that fires pistol cartridges, but has a fully automatic firing mode. In other words, it’s a compact and deadly machine gun.

But enough about technicalities – let’s talk about the history of the Thompson. The gun was designed in the early 1900s by John T. Thompson, a US Army officer who wanted to create an automatic weapon that would give soldiers an advantage on the battlefield. The first prototype was developed in 1917 and was initially called the “Annihilator.”

Fast forward a few years, and the Thompson was making headlines for a very different reason. In the 1920s, it became the weapon of choice for gangsters and policemen in the United States during the era of Prohibition. The Tommy Gun, as it was nicknamed, was perfect for the job – it was small, easy to handle, and fired quickly.

But the Thompson wasn’t just used by criminals – soldiers around the world also relied on it during World War II. The gun was famed for its reliability and firepower, and it became a symbol of American military might.

So, what makes the Thompson so special? Well, for starters, it has a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other firearms. The original circular drum magazine, which held up to 50 rounds, is a design feature that’s instantly recognisable although this was replaced with a more simple 20 round box magazine. Perhaps it’s most famous feature was the unmistakable the second wooden pistol foregrip that gave the gun a comfortable and ergonomic feel. However, when the US Army started to use the weapon in the Second World War, this second grip was changed to a more regular wooden stock as our pictures show.

But aesthetics aside, the Thompson’s true value lies in its performance. This gun can fire up to 800 rounds per minute, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled user. However, despite it being so good, it was very expensive to make and production in America was scaled back in favour of M3 ‘grease gun’ which was easier and cheaper to make like the British Sten. But production never ceased as, inevitably, the M3 also had teething issues and eventually over 1.5 million of these guns were made in the Second World War. The much loved gun continued to see US army service right through to the Korean War and on the home front, the FBI used them right up until 1970.

In conclusion, the Thompson Sub Machine Gun is a true legend of the firearm world. Its history and association with Prohibition-era gangsters have made it an icon of Americana culture, while its performance and reliability have earned it a respected place in military history. Whether you’re a collector, a history buff, or just looking for an exciting new hobby, the Thompson is a weapon that deserves your attention.

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