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The Amazing War Stories Book Club – The Battle of Longstop Hill

Each month we give a book recommendation to our fans which will be available to purchase from our shop. As you know, as we simply don’t have the capacity to store unlimited quantities of books, so we use Amazon. As a result, we receive a small percentage of each sale from Amazon (not the author) which we put towards making more content for you to enjoy. In no-way are our recommendations influenced by Amazon.

This month, our book of choice is The Battle of the Peaks and Longstop Hill. This is the first book to be devoted to a series of forgotten battles in the spring of 1943 in the hills of northern Tunisia, and one in which one of Bruce’s friends, Capt Peter Royal, an artillery officer fought and was wounded.

It’s a great read, please head over to our shop to nab yourself a copy and check out some of our other great recommendations.

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