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The latest season of Amazing War Stories is now live. Using the latest 3D audio technology we tell inspiring true stories each taken from the museums we support

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The Punishers of Pebble Island

In the early hours of the 15th May 1982 three SeaKing helicopters lifted off the British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes in complete darkness. On board were 42 soldiers of the Special Air Service – their destination, an enemy airfield whose position threatened the entire British landing force.

The stakes were high. If the assault failed, the British could not only lose nearly half its special forces soldiers in one go but an Argentinian strike from the airbase could lead to the failure of the troop landings… and the war itself.

Like any SAS raid it was a huge roll of the dice, but as the regiment’s motto says, Who Dares Wins and the troopers on board those helicopters had no intention of losing…They were… The Punishers of Pebble Island.

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