Amazing War Stories

Ex-British Paratrooper and history fanatic Bruce Crompton is on a mission and he believes the amazing deeds of forgotten war heroes can help him. Due to the ongoing pandemic, museums all around the world are in danger of closing. If that happens the history contained within them will be lost from the public forever. In this series, inspired by unique museum items and personal artefacts, Bruce narrates incredible tales from the Second World War. He hopes that by telling these true stories, realised in immersive, 3D audio, people will be inspired to visit collections and help preserve their legends for generations to come.

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Bruce Crompton

Bruce Crompton is the star of international TV hit Combat Dealers. He's a history fanatic and ex-paratrooper who cares passionately about preserving history and recognising heroes from past conflicts. He's on a mission to help museums in these difficult times, and hopes that, through this podcast, he will be able to raise awareness for them and introduce a new audience to their incredible collections.